Happy Heart Shopping Spree: Emma Farnsworth

Have you ever met someone & just wanted to be best friends with them right away?

That’s how my team Kira Howard, Loretta Landry and I felt when we met Emma and her mom Stacy. After a wonderful day of shopping, stopping for snacks and taking the family out for dinner Stacy latter texted to say:

group 2

“I just want to say a huge thank you to The Braedon Foundation for spoiling Emma today. We had lots of fun with some great gals! It felt as if we spent the day with our bff’s. Thank you for the laughs and for making her feel so special…thank you for everything.”

~Stacey Farnsworth

apple watch
Doesn’t that smile just melt your heart!

Well the truth is, we felt incredibly lucky to be able to give Emma and her mom, Stacy this incredible day. Our hearts were warmed as we watched Emma light up with excitement throughout the day. After hearing about Emma’s story and health battle we just wanted to give her something fun and positive to focus on and give her mom a chance to see her little girl just being a kid; even if only for the day.

Emma is a 9th grader at Simonds high school; just 14 years old. She loves makeup, music, and she’s an amazing dancer we’ve been told. Her troop with Danceability goes by the very cool name, team Khaos! She has a lot of love for both her younger and older brother too. She even made sure to get out and get them each a gift during her shopping spree.

After seeing an episode of Grey’s Anatomy Emma showed her mom a lump on her neck that she was worried about. The character on the TV show had cancer and Emma was worried the lump she had looked similar. That was at the end of January this year. Since than their lives have been turned upside down as Emma was soon diagnosed with Stage 4 Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Emma and her family have been traveling back and forth to and to the IWK in Halifax for appointments and have many more on top of that here at the regional hospital. Emma will finish chemo later this month and her mom is looking forward to seeing her “ring the bell.” This is a tradition that symbolizes the end of chemo treatment. Emma’s battle will still continue though as the end of radiation is the start radiation. She’ll also need to be monitored closely both here and in Halifax at the IWK.

Even after all she’s been through and continues to go through, Emma’s beautiful soul still shines through. She remains optimistic and cheerful and was even worried that if we choose her someone else deserving might miss out. I quickly assured her that she was very deserving and that no one lost out on a Happy Heart Experience for her to be chosen. She is a strong young lady whom we were delighted to spend a day with and spoil; even if only for a day. Follow her story on Facebook at Emma’s Fight.

Emma- We had the most incredible day taking you on your Happy Heart Shopping Spree! It was an absolute delight spending our time with you. I am sending so much love to you and your family from everyone at The Braedon Foundation. Thank you for helping to keep Braedon’s bright light shinning by becoming part of The Braedon Foundation Family!

Love, Healing & Abundance

XO Tiffany Agnew,

Founder & Board President

2 thoughts on “Happy Heart Shopping Spree: Emma Farnsworth

  1. Judy Babineau says:

    Thank you so much to all the amazing people with the Braedon Foundation. As Emma’s great aunt I am so overwhelmed by the love & support shown for Emma and her family. Thank you❤️🙏🏽


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