Celebrating the Life of Elijah Andrew Dollar

Please Join us in celebrating the life of Happy Heart Shopping Spree recipient:

Elijah Andrew Dollar.

Every beautiful life deserves to be celebrated and Elijah’s was a truly beautiful life. 

He was described by friends and family as a handsome, funny, athletic and smart 16 year old boy. He played hockey for St. Malachy’s Saints as their goalie and was on their soccer team too.

“He was recently voted MVP for their boys’ hockey team and was awarded the W.R.D. Coffey Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Life of STM. His love and passion for the game of hockey has created memories and friendships that will be everlasting.  He never took his eyes off the puck. He will be best remembered for his love of sport, fierce competition, inner strength, courage, determination, and dedication to everything he did. He was loyal, confident yet modest, and a great friend to many. Everyone loved his dry sense of humour and his terrific coy smile.”

Elijah’s Happy Heart Shopping Spree

It was a privilege and honour to deliver a virtual Happy Heart shopping spree to Elijah on his 17th birthday. Although the current times prevented us from being able to go into his home to set up his new living room or from taking him out on a traditional shopping spree it was a real pleasure briefly meeting him and his beautiful family and spoiling him on this special day. We masked & gloved up, sanitized everything and headed out to Elijah’s home on his birthday to deliver a new sofa and some gifts to help lift his spirits and make him as comfortable as possible. We hope his family will now be able to enjoy the space we helped create as they reminisce the good times and think of Elijah with love.

Elijah may have moved on to heaven but he made a lasting impact on everyone who had the privilege of knowing him and he will certainly not be forgotten. 


We’re so glad to have been part of your journey.

We hope that you & Braedon get to meet up in heaven and that the two of you get to play lots of hockey together.

Thanks for being part of our story.

Rest in peace my friend.

Much Love,

The Entire Braedon Foundation Team X0

Sending so much peace and love out to the Dollar’s: Sonja, Ryan and Avery and to everyone who loved this beautiful soul.

Sandra Miller Flowers Donates beautiful bouquets for us to deliver to each family. This one went to the Dollars when we made our special delivery on Elijah’s 17th birthday! Thank you Sandra Miller & Team!

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