Board of Directors

TBF Board Members (9)

Tiffany Agnew

Founder of The Braedon Foundation & Soul Shine Blog, Board President & Happy Heart Room Design Specialist

“Creating this foundation and serving as the board president is something that I had to do. As Braedon’s mother I have an overwhelming need for him to be remembered and for his bright light to shine on in this world. I am called to create this legacy in his memory because I want even those who didn’t have the pleasure of knowing to be impacted by his light. Together we will all be vessels for his bright light to shine through”

TBF Board Members (2)

James Agnew

NB Power, Board Member

“As Braedon’s step father, I am honored to be able to contribute to the Braedon Foundation. Braedon was an incredibly generous young man and I know that he would be ecstatic that his charitable spirit can live on through our work.”

TBF Board Members (8)

Hayley Bohan

Owner of Marketing on Purpose, Board Secretary

“It warms my heart to be able to help Tiffany in her mission to create this beautiful legacy of happiness in her son Braedon’s memory. I’m inspired by her every single day and know that many children will benefit from this foundation. Being a mother, this cause touches my heart in many ways, and I am grateful for the opportunity to be part of this foundation.”

TBF Board Members (3)

Jennifer Elderkin-Mills

BN/ RN, St. Joseph’s Hospital, Board Nurse

“I was asked to be a part of The Braedon Foundation to help with medical terminology and conditions regarding applications. I am honored to do all that I can and hope that my 15 years experience as an RN will be beneficial. It’s heartbreaking to think of the hardships these children and families have to endure. Being able to provide a bit of joy and excitement to them will be very rewarding. I’m looking forward to carrying out our mission”

TBF Board Members (4)

Loretta Hodges

Co-Owner of Jeremiah’s Deli, Board Happy Heart Room Design Specialist

“I have decided to be on the board because I would do anything for Braedon. He never asked for much from me besides the usual kids stuff like, video games or a new skateboard. As his Godmother, this is just a small contribution that I make to show him how much I still love him and to honor him”

TBF Board Members (5)

Kira Howard

Guidance Counsellor, Anglophone South School District, Board Member

“Knowing and loving Braedon throughout his life has made it an honor for me to be on this Board of Directors. By bringing joy and happiness to other children faced with severe medical illnesses it allows us to continue to bring goodness into the world in his memory. The Braedon Foundation continues to shine his love and light onto the world as he left much too soon.”

TBF Board Members

Mike Lyon

Manager, North Market Seafood, Board Member

“I’m Braedon’s father. I’m the manager of North Market Seafood in the City Market. I’ve worked there 19 years and had the privilege of hiring my son Braedon for his first job in the summer of 2017. My goal is to do everything necessary to help kids who are going through medical complications in Braedon’s memory.”

TBF Board Members (11)

John-Edward Trecartin

Owner of Trecartin Accounting & Consulting, Board Treasurer

“I had a true calling to join the Braedon Foundations board of directors so that I could be of service to helping build the legacy of honoring Braedon’s memory in such a meaningful and helpful way. Through a family’s tragic loss the courage, strength and resolve to create the Braedon Foundation is awe inspiring. True and lasting difference in the lives of others will be made. I am honored to be part of this journey”

TBF Board Members (7)

Daphne William

Owner of Salon Elite, Stylist, Board Member

“The Braedon Foundation is a wonderful organization that is being put together by a strong loving mother who has faced the loss of her son. Tiffany has inspired so many people with her strength and determination to try to find ways to help others in Braedon’s memory. In Braedon’s honor I’m willing to donate my time on the board to help other families find comfort and support.”