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Happiness and mindset positively impact recovery and you can help!

If you are here we know that you care about kids. We are fully aware of the impacts of happiness and mindset when it comes to recovery. Together with your help, we want to bring a touch of happiness to kids in our communities who are fighting health battles. Here are some ways you can help:

Your Financial Contribution matters:

There are a few ways you can help financially.

  • Donate an amount of your choice for automatic monthly withdrawal
  • Make a one-time donation
  • Donate through monthly e-transfers (
  • Organize your own fundraiser on behalf of the foundation

In-kind or item donations are huge as well

From time to time we need items, products, and gift cards to help with our fundraising events. Click here for a current list of products we are looking for to help support our next fundraiser.

We are a not-for-profit so we are constantly trying to find ways to minimize our costs. We are occasionally looking for skilled individuals to join our volunteer team.

We are lucky to have been able to partner with many local businesses who have volunteered time or items to us.  Check them out here.

Right now we are looking for:


Of course, you can always volunteer your time.

Just fill in this form and we will reach out as opportunities arise.