Blood Donation


You may be wondering why blood donation is important to us at The Braedon foundation…

Doctors estimated that it would have taken 133 people to donate the amount of blood that gave Braedon his last chance at leading a full life.

James Agnew, Braedon’s step-dad is determined to pay off this debt with interest. It will take him 21 years to reach 133 donations but it is a quest that is close to his heart.

At Braedon’s celebration of life, James asked others to help him pay off the interest.

“I do not want to replace this blood because I have a sense that it is owed but because somewhere, someday, we may be able to give a complete stranger their last chance at leading a full life.” -James Agnew

Together with friends, family, and even some loving community members we’ve never met, we’ve had many donations made in Braedon’s memory and honour.

Thank you to everyone who has donated so far.

We’ve had lots of donations from Saint John, our Western Provinces, and even England. A few have already made their second donations.

Please continue to let us know when you donate, tag our Facebook page, share a picture or send a message if you prefer. Don’t forget to use our hashtag #bravelikebraedon

“Making a difference in our community in Braedon’s memory is the greatest way we can honour him”

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